Bakeries also called bake shops is a place where a baker bakes flour based items in an oven and sells it. Different baked products are sold in bakeries available in each city. In some bakeries you can enjoy baked goods along with a sip of coffee or tea. For any occasion such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, bakeries provide services. Bake shops offer a wide range of cakes designs to its customers like sheet, layer, tiered and wedding cakes. Bake shops also provide services to customer keeping in mind any allergy or sensitivities of them to certain foods like nuts, gluten or dairy.
Different types of baked products:-
Different bakeries are specialized and famous for different products. Each bakery is famous for uniqueness in its method of baking. Various baked products are as follows:-
  • Bread is the basic baked food made from dough of flour and water. Many varieties in types, shapes, textures and sizes of breads are sold in different regions. Bread is made by different processes applied during baking like leavening or high pressure artificial aeration.
  • Pastries are sweet baked products available in any of the bakeries or any particular pastry shops. Many specialized pastry shops are there which bake delicious pastries with the taste and aroma you can't forget.
  • Cake is a sweet baked dessert which is also served as a celebrity dish. Cakes are divided into different categories like butter cakes, sponge cakes, chiffon cakes, coffee cake, chocolate cake, and yeast cakes.
  • Pizza is a type of flatbread baked in oven which is generally topped with tomato sauce, cheese, vegetables, meat etc. It is also one of the most common fast food around the globe.
Other products like muffins, buns, pies, tarts, brownies are available in any bakery. Many people prefer to purchase baked goods from a bakery rather than any supermarket or grocery store. 

Patisserie shops:-
A bakery which specializes in pastries and sweets is commonly known as patisserie shop. Bakeries are called patisserie shops in some of the countries. A person who makes pastries and sweets is called a patissier. Patissier or a pastry chef has to complete a lengthy training process and pass written examination in order to get qualified.

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