Billiard and Snooker Tables and Accessories

Billiards is a game of professional cue shot!
Game like never before!!
Billiard table is a game played on table with cue placing balls at six corner pockets. So much of game is involved in the tricks played during game. Every game has its choice of selecting the best interest in all who involve in game. It’s a game of balls striking at the corners of pockets of table. Billiards has been more popular among all age groups in all ways. Either everyone play with passion or the hobby, this game will leave you addiction for the best ways to game.
Some of the specific types of games used in these are snooker table and pool table, and also different sizes of balls used in this game. Some of the parts and equipment used in billiard table accessories are cushions, the bed, cloth, and markings.
Billiard and Snooker Tables and Accessories
At the Snooker Table!
Make a game with cue and colored balls
Snooker is a game of cue played on a table which is covered with tight green cloth. Snooker table accessories generally measure in an international standard of 12X6 Ft with six pockets at the corners. This game of snooker is mostly played among teenage and attracts gaming more in simple way. Snookers are played with two players with standard rules.
How to game Snooker?
Snooker is a tricky yet simple game which is played with cue in hand and 22 snooker balls placed on table. The standard pattern of snooker game involves one white ball, 15 red balls, and 6 different identical colors like yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, and black. All the red balls are placed on table in triangular frame and other colors are placed identical known as spots. Snooker table is easy to learn and interesting game to play with different tricky shots.
Some of the billiard and snooker table accessories are: table, cloth, balls, cue, cue-tip chalk, extension, rest, hook rest, spider, and triangle, half butt and ball marker. All the accessories are involved to the full potential game and gaming the snooker.

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