Blinds and Shades Maintenance and Cleaning

The need for blinds and shades for the window treatments are more today. It enhances the look of window at the same time it is important to take care of blinds and shades maintenance and cleaning. The Blinds and shade maintenance need effort and time to clean. It is always good to have a pre plan of the amount you are willing to spend on blinds and shades cleaning while purchasing. Standard blinds can be cleaned at home but absorbs more dust, thereby needs frequent cleaning and attention. 
Honeycomb shades:
This can be cleaned using a normal duster or the vacuum. After dusting use a sponge with mild detergent and Luke warm water to clear the visible stains.
Blinds and Shades Maintenance and Cleaning
The Roman shades:
This shades should be cleaned using a vacuum brush attachment on low suction as done by the professionals. Stains should be cleaned on the spot with a cloth dipped in mild suds. Do not saturate or bolt dry.
Sheer shades:
These are the most trendy window shadings which help to adjust the light. It looks very delicate but they are fashionable. It should be clean using a vacuum brush attachment on the lowest suction settings.
The roller shades and insulating blinds:
The above type of shades  need to be dust using a vacuum soft brush and the stain cleaning should be done using a well-wrung cloth or a sponge dipped in a mild dish washing detergent and Luke warm water. Wipe the shade in sections, starting from the bottom and moving upwards. Leave the shade fully extended to dry.
Wood and Faux blinds:
These shades should be treated as the wooden furniture. It should be cleaned using a soft cloth or the dusting gloves. Tilt slats to closed position, hold the bottom rail and dust.
Each type of blinds and shades has a different method of cleaning in which the dusting is mostly done using a vacuum brush, only the stain cleaning process differs. Shades in textured fabrics and weaves hide soil better and are best cared using vacuum cleaner or professional cleaning.

Blinds and Shades Maintenance and Cleaning related information

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