Blood Donor and Blood Bank Services

Donate blood saves lives which means one unit of blood can save three people lives.  Blood is more useful for operations and treatments and also in case of any accidents. Blood cannot be manufacture but it can be stored with help of blood donor. A Single drop of blood is separated into as red blood cells, plasma and platelets. The body will compensate the volume of blood which have donated within 24 hours.
The equipment which is used for blood donor in the blood bank is sterilized and disposable which it makes impossible to acquire diseases and make harm. Blood donors has a beneficial effect which it reduces the heart attack or strokes and produces new blood cells and prevent iron accumulation. The blood bank does not support direct to blood donation service because without the knowledge of blood group it will not be practice.
Blood Donor and Blood Bank Services
Some of the common features for blood donor:
  • Donors should be good health and physical in condition.
  • Donors must be above 18 years
  • Donors should be at least 50 weighs.
Blood donors will be carefully screened. The blood has to fulfill the standard quality and undergoes 6 major tests for infectious diseases. Blood donations are divided into groups based on the collected blood. An allogenic donation is that a donor gives blood for storage at a blood bank for transfusion.
Approximate 60,000 units of blood requires for each year. The treatment and care at cedars Sinai and the Samuel oscine and cancer institute, heart institute, emergency department, transplant services and the related blood bank services. AABB accredited blood banks, transfusion services and blood donor bank. Accredited facilities are responsible for all the blood supply and transferring the blood for more than 80 percent. This center has two types of blood bank services one is blood banks, transfusion services and blood donor centers are throughout the world.
Procedure for blood donation:
The process for donate blood is mentioned as below:
  • Visit the blood bank complete a medical questionnaire to assess the eligibility of blood donor.
  • Take appointment and ID proof.
  • The blood bank collect 450ml of blood
  • After donating rest is compulsory and drink refreshment for 24hours.
  • Avoid taking heavy objects.

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