Boat and Yacht Designers

Boat and yacht designers work closely with the yard and interior designer to ensure the designs and met the appropriate technical and legal requirements. The boat designer care required in the design stage with the development, structural integrity, and stability and balance design intended for some materiel and converting it to steel should not be at least without careful and it's probably costly and its design by a qualified Naval Architects.
The boat builders specified in GLEN-L plans are faster than any other materials which constructed with hatch, rail details, Stern bearings, chain plates, cabin hull junctions, rudder fittings, shaft tube, deck details, and joinery details. The sailing boat designed by a nutshell pressed aluminum construction is great for smaller boats. While plate aluminum construction is ideal for bigger boats (over 5.00 m in length) that will be used for bay, coastal and many commercial fishing boats and ferries, offshore boating are also of plate aluminum construction.
Boat and Yacht Designers
Full size patterns:
Full size patterns mean even faster and no lofting is necessary.  Those who desire to loft their boats. Table offsets is also provided. The design includes structural view and cabin construction, joinery arrangements, scantlings, tank configurations, underwater fitting, engine placements, and spars on sailboat designs. The boat designers use two types of patterns.
The patterns are:
One type is drawn out from master templates on heavy kraft paper, and another type is blue printed. The blue printed patterns may have both inner and outer contour given, while on larger boats. The pattern will show only the outer contour. All reference line, such as center line, setup level, or waterline are indicated on the patterns.
The yacht designers specified and more than a few have been termed masterpieces.  Concept to completion, the well-defined permeates the process of creating a new design. At the core is a thoughtful accurate design, simple yet beautiful and efficient, functional system.
Custom series:
The custom series features a range of mega yachts designed with efficient and effective layouts to offer extreme advanced interior design in construction. The series aim to afford maximum creative design and freedom to ensuring time and money with basic engineering and standardized construction system.
Sports cruiser:
The Sail yacht design with a single deck above the hull and living quarters.  This is referred to as a Mediterranean style yacht with maximum space.
Express yacht:
The yacht with a fully enclosed area above decks. The back part of the hardtop has doors that close off the above deck’s salon from the open air and this creates a fully climate controlled indoor living area above the deck.

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