Boat and Yacht Haulage Services

Boat transport is the specialty. David Cline of boat and yacht transport has transporting and providing shrink wrap for 25 years in service. In the year 1985 the boat and yacht haulage has been worldwide excluded. They are highly trained and experienced oversize boats nationwide. They also had oversize, wide load boat and yacht hauling specialist. The drivers will complete a thorough condition check the boat prior to loading and offloading. The staff at boat and yacht transport is highly qualified, knowledgeable both professional and personal to assist the boat needs.
Why to choose Boat and Yacht transport:
Boat and Yacht Haulage Services
It has the access that drivers in the nation as well as the specialized in trucks, trailers and customized power units for power boats and yacht moving across the country. To ensure it is being transported with all the proper operating authority and cargo/liability coverage to match the valve.  Once it is assigned by the driver, a certificate of Insurance can sent to the owner. Boats and Yachts haulage provides based on the information and specifications provided to us. It includes all the necessary to move like permits, escorts, ferry fees, port charges, custom clearance, documentation, trucking, warehousing, route surveying.
Preparation of Boat and yacht transportation:
  • Time plan for boat and yacht to move.
  • Choose a professional transport company experienced in moving your type.
  • Measure the boat and yacht transport.
  • Choosing the right marina.
  • Understand how payment works.
  • Important to remove properly store items.
Size of Boat and yacht:
The maximum height over passes is 13 feet and 6 inches. The beam measured as the widest point of the boat and yacht that include anything to it. If it is wider than 8 feet and 6 inches as requested oversize permitted load and require state permits.
Yacht Transportation:
It is a unique service and make easy to load the vessel on and off. Some heavy transport vessels in the fleet has been modified. It’s a semi-submersible carrier include spray covers that accommodate safety to the yacht transport. In between the spray covers it’s up to 165 meters [541 feet] long Center loaded on the carriers lock.
Yacht Survey Report:
Yacht survey report includes:
  • Notes on condition which affect the vessel valve.
  • Estimated current for market value.
  • Estimated replacement cost.
  • Photograph of the vessel and any unusual featured or problem.

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