Boat Canopies

A very important part of the boat and sometimes easily overlooked is the boat canopy. Boat canopies are a removable protective layer that protects the front and rear deck areas of boats from the sun, rain, wind, bird droppings and other debris. To prevent all this issues proactively, one needs the best boat canopies. Boat canopy should also give fine all round visibility, at the same time enhancing the look of the boat. It is essential to have a quality boat canopy in order to enjoy time spent on the boat in safety and comfort.
Materials/Fabrics to be used:
Boat Canopies
A boat canopies functionality, appearance and stability are always an important part of a boat’s usability and general appearance. They are generally made from materials that are easy to maintain and that lasts for a long period of time. It is usually made with sunbrella fabric and either aluminum or steel frame. 
Acrylic Boat Fabric:
Acrylic Boat Fabric is perfect for boat canopies. It is considered a top line choice for boat canopies. The reason is its ability to last for years and still look good. This fabric is lightweight, it means one can take it on and off without too much effort. It is a breathable and water resistant boat fabric and not to be concerned about mildew or condensation. Sunbrella acrylic fabric is a popular option for all kind of canopy. 
  • It has a 10years limited warranty.
  • It is perfectly resistant to bad weather and fungi.
  • It is anti-pollution, resistant to oil and grease.
  • It is available in 16 vibrant colors (Black may be the one to be avoided, as the heat build-up under the canopy may do possible damage to electronic components).
Boat Canopies Suppliers:
  • Titan Boat Canopies suppliers are one of the UK’s leading boat canopies suppliers.
  • Kayo spruce LTD is one of the largest suppliers of high quality boat canopies.
A boat canopy is an important piece of protection that will keep your boat look fresh and brand new. And that’s what we all want for our best friends that live out on the water.

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