Boat Licence Testing and Examiners

One should carry the licence when doing anything for which the licence is required, people must produce it for inspection when requested by the roads and maritime boating safety officers. To drive a boat for any recreational purpose on waterways one should have the boat licence. A person must be of 16 years to obtain the licence to operate a boat. One must provide documentary evidence in English of holding an interstate or overseas marine licence. Boat licence – testing and examiners analyze the candidate if they are qualified to be the licence holder before issuing the licence. To be qualified in the test one must have the marine knowledge. 
Test to get the boat licence:
Boat Licence Testing and Examiners
There are two types of boat licence test. Before proceeding one must have the clear idea about which type of licence they are applying for. The two types are
  • General – this licence knowledge test consist of 40 multiple choice questions out of which the candidate must answer the first 15 questions correctly and of remaining 25 questions, candidate must answer at least 20 answers correctly.
The PWC licence testing is applicable only when the candidate clear the general test.
  • PWC    – this set of test consist of 15 questions to which 12 answers should be correct. This test is conducted only when the candidate clear the general test. The PWC’s license does not determine the candidate’s speed of driving the craft.Before you proceed to get the PWC licence, general driving licence is mandatory. You should pass the general licence to obtain this watercraft licence.If you already issued with general licence, upgrading to the PWC licence is not an issue.
Licence examiners:
The boat licence examiners must already have a lot of experience and knowledge about boat systems and boats, because this will demonstrate the background. The examiners should also be passionate about helping the people to stay safe and delivering great customer service. The examiners  are self-employed or they work for marine based companies, as they are not in the employment with the navigation authorities. The success of an examiner will be determined by how successfully they are able to market their services.

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