Boat Self Hire

One must know the rules and regulations to get a boat self-hired. They must have the clear vision about the terms and conditions of any company before making the reservations. The boat self hire must evidence over the age of 21 as per valid driver’s licence. One must be physically able to perform the tasks involved in the safe operation of a boat. They must be able to communicate with the owner of the boat. The customers must also have an operational cellular phone on board to which the marine can contact during emergencies or to report the weather information. 
Rules to be followed after boat hiring:
Boat Self Hire
  • The boat should not be taken outside the described operation area. The boats are not allowed beyond the barrier island that is offshore. The location area of the boat can be traced using the GPS locators installed in the boats.
  • Boats are intended for use by the certified number and weight of passengers and gear. Do not overload the boats. It increases the risk of lives and try to evenly distribute weight, this is helpful for safer operations.
  • All safe boating regulations should be followed including no wake zones, life preservers for children and all others. The customer is personally responsible for damage caused to the boats.
  • It is illegal for the boat operators to consume alcohol or drugs.
  • The boats should be returned on time, there is no grace period for late returns.
  • Boats are to be returned relatively clean and in the same condition as they were when the customer took them out.
  • The primary renter or the operator should not allow anyone else to take the boat for any operations.
  • Do not attempt to locate or disable the GPS locator on boats, these are placed for the safety of the customers.
  • No pets are allowed on the deck boats.
For the boat self hire you need not require any experience, just the instructions followed as given by the service providers. You can find this activity during the leisurely time and enjoy the ride.

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