Bookkeeping includes planning and managing all business transactions in a company. Bookkeeping is the recording of all the financial transactions and information on daily basis. The two most common bookkeeping methods are:
  • Single-entry
  • Double-entry
Single-entry bookkeeping is a simple form of bookkeeping and accounting information where transactions are recorded only once. Double-entry bookkeeping is a form of bookkeeping and accounting information where all the transactions are recorded in at least two accounts. Some of the bookkeeping payable systems which scales with business and will help to get a better grip on cash flow and other financial reports. With the use of a traditional spreadsheet and an online bookkeeping programs such as quick books, fresh books, harvest one can start collecting all the receipts, credit card expenses and incoming bills and enter them into the system. Spreadsheet user’s needs to set up their file with suppliers name, account number, expenses type, invoice received date and the amount owed. To set up an automated program is a good idea when receiving more than two bills a day and on employee expenses.
Activities of bookkeeping:
Bookkeeping is an important part of accounting information system as it serves as the groundwork of accounting. Bookkeeping is the starting point of the whole accounting process. The bookkeeping provides a detailed view of calculate depreciation, value inventory, file tax returns and also covers much more topics. Bookkeeping is a routine clerical work which does not need any specific knowledge. In bookkeeping the transactions are recorded immediately after it takes place. Bookkeeping also concerns with the development and maintenance of all the records. Bookkeeping will provide answers to the basic questions such as resources increasing and incurring liabilities. It also contributes to the success in business. 
Provider for business:
A bookkeeping services will save time and money, they do more than just books. The bookkeeping services will have the latest knowledge and will provide up-to-date records. Bookkeeping services provides a personalized service, with transparency in creating effective budgeting. These services helps with integrity and dedication to help their clients succeed in business. The bookkeeping services provides services in accounts payable and receivable, cash flow management, credit control, financial statements, invoicing and much more services.

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