Boring Drilling and Excavation Services

Boring and drilling are the two methods of machines used for excavating a circular hole. Drilling is the process of cutting a material with the help of specially designed rotating cutting tool called a drill bit. While drilling the holes produced are always cylinder in shape and circular in diameter. Drilling process is simple. The drill bit is rotated and pressed against the material and the tip of the drill bit cuts away the layers of the material. By continuously pressing against the material, a desired hole can be excavated. Based on the quality of the material, hole size and surface finish a variety of drilling methods are used. Boring is the process of enlargement of the hole in the material which is already made by drilling. Boring can be considered as the twin process of turning. Boring is done using a boring bar, a heavy metal bar with tools fixed at the end.
Applications, characteristics and services:
Boring Drilling and Excavation Services
Boring machines come in different sizes to fit with the industrial requirements. There are numerous applications of boring process, most of the common applications are boring of the cylinders and boring of the gun barrels. Some of the specific applications and characteristics of drilling are:
  • Spot drilling, center drilling, deep hole drilling, gun drilling, micro drilling and vibration drilling. 
  • Boring and drilling services deals with the service of thrust boring and directional drilling. Directional drilling works with modern types and technologies in the hard rocks and sand areas. It also works under water.
  • The services can also assists any type of boring work with most suitable drilling machines. Directional drilling is ideal for natural and man-made objects. 
  • The thrust boring services are primarily used in canalization and pipeline constructions.
  • Raise drilling service is used mostly for mining purposes. Raise boring service is used in underground mining.
Ideal services:
The ideal services of drilling machines are water, electrical, gas, irrigation and much more.  Boring excavation services are utilized with specialized machinery and equipment. The drilling rig will drill using vibrating hammer to provide temporary support to the excavation. When a pile is excavated to design depth, a steel cage is inserted the pile is filled with concrete. The raise boring drilling and excavation services can be used for drainage purposes, can create tunnels for mined minerals and metals.

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