Breast Feeding Support and Advisory Services

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed newborns and infants. Breast milk provides complete nutrition and is easier to digest. The antibiotics in breast milk boost the baby’s immune system. Breastfeeding also helps in weight loss after the baby’s birth. Nursing is a different experience for every mother and baby. Breastfeeding can be challenging. There are plenty of breastfeeding support and advisory services. These services actively support and promote breastfeeding and caring for the infants receiving breast milk. The breastfeeding support services targets all the areas of hospital and attend the places where breastfed newborns, infants and children. 
Definition of terms by the support services:
Breast Feeding Support and Advisory Services
  • Milk substitute 
  • Documenting infants 
  • Breast milk are expressed to be given orally via cup, bottle, syringe, spoon, etc.
  • Consulting lactation
  • Supplement is prescribed to the mother to stimulate milk production
  • Increasing energy content to breast milk by additions
  • Nursing mothers and child’s health
Information given by support services:
The support services encourages the breast feeding mothers to attend education sessions on lactation management. Correct and consistent information is provided to all the breastfeeding mothers. The support services will support the breastfeeding mothers while they are at work, by discussing with these services the working mothers may get help for applying maternity leave from their work.
  • Each breast fed infant will be documented by nurse or doctor
  • Breastfeeding history
  • Current feeding pattern
  • Change in feeding pattern
  • Weight gains of infant
  • Feeding issues for mother
  • Use of medication
  • Other intake apart from breast milk
  • Infant physical status such as hydration, weight and length
  • Any issues regard to supply attachment, nipple pain, etc.
Advices while breastfeeding:
The best and probably the hardest advice during breastfeeding is to relax. The breastfeeding advisory services will offer a lot of basic advices along with encouragement. Breastfeeding advisory services guides to drink plenty of cold water with the help of a straw for getting through the first week when breastfeeding hurts. The cold water will help defer the pain. For dry and sore nipples instead of using expensive ointments just apply enough of milk after breastfeeding.

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