A person who is trained or skilled in placing bricks gently and carefully to build walls or building is usually known as bricklayers. Brick masons build and repair walls inside and outside of the properties. Bricklayers also does other kinds of brickworks such as tunnel walls and smokestacks. The main work of the bricklayer is to construct the first shell of a building. Brick masons use masonry panels, casts, blocks and other materials to build and maintain walls. The buildings are simply not made without the help of a bricklayer. A good bricklayer makes the walls waterproof and weatherproof. A bricklayer makes the walls secure. 
Responsibilities and duties of bricklayers:
Some of the basic duties of bricklayers includes:
  • Cutting bricks into required sizes 
  • Laying the bricks in courses
  • Measuring out the work area and laying out the bricks according to the plan
  • Mixing mortar
  • Spreading mortar evenly to fix the bricks
  • Ensuring the line of the wall to be straight and level
  • Making possible holes in the walls
  • Read blueprints and calculate materials needed
Experience and skills of brick masons:
Bricklaying work is mostly done through short-term contracts. Brick masons need on-site experience. A short period of laboring can be a good way to get experience before getting started to a career as brick masons. Unexperienced bricklayers may start their career as support laborers for more experienced brick masons.  The work of unexperienced brick masons involves around carrying the bricks and mortar. Brick masons wages depends upon their experiences. Some of the skills needed to be a good bricklayer are:
  • Great practical skills
  • Need to have the ability to work carefully and accurately
  • Ability to work as a part of team
  • Good awareness of health and safety matters
  • Ability to read technical plans
  • Good level of fitness
Procedures of work:
Bricklayers use variety of procedures in their work. A corner lead means the masons create a pyramid like structure in the four corners. Corner leads are extremely difficult to construct. For building corner leads requires a skilled brick masons. After the completion of leads, mason draw lines connecting the leads called course where brick are placed to construct a wall.

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