Brokers Customs Clearance Agents

Customs authorities have their offices in all seaports, airports and gateway borders which are the important for the entry and exit of people and goods. Brokers-customs clearance agents have the power to arrest and seize the goods. Custom authorities have powers which are similar with the powers of police departments. Cargo imported to any country are stored in the customs bonded area before it is released. The imported goods by cargo are released only after clearance by the customs clearance agents. Yearly every country issues its policies for foreign trade. Custom departments apply the policies under:
  • Custom tariffs
  • Custom rules and regulations.
Brokers Customs Clearance Agents
Customs clearance agents are also known as carrying and forwarding agents. Customs clearance agent’s role is to represent the clients as party agents involved in customs clearance. Customs clearance brokers are appointment by the government authorities for the execution of the policies associated with:
  • Import and export
  • For the collection of custom duties 
  • Help in the movement of people, goods and cargo in and out of the country. 
Works involved:
Customs clearance agent’s works are associated with the preparation and submission of documents which are required to simplify export and import. Their works are also associated to represent:
  • The clients during custom examination
  • Payments of duty
  • Calculations and taking the delivery of cargo from the customs office after clearance.
Documents considered:
Customs clearance agents uses software documentation to make the entire process easier. The documents given by the customs clearance agents to a shipper shows that the customs duty for the goods have been paid and it can be shipped. The documents involved in customs clearance are: 
  • Export documentation - sales invoice, bill of lading, shipping bill and other specific documentation as required.
  • Import documentation - sales invoice of the supplier, bill of entry, bill of lading and other specific documentation as required.
Important service benefits of customs clearance agents:
Some of the basic service benefits of custom clearance services are associated with:
  • The local customs authorities, port, agencies in the borders, etc.
  • Arranges to pass the appropriate documents at the customs
  • Arranges for the required customs inspections
  • Checks and perform duty and payments as required
  • Apply for refunds if required

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