Brokers Hotel and Motel

Hotel and motel brokers provides access to domestic and international buyers, owners and operators. Brokers-hotel and motel approaches those who are most active in the industry. And also approaches for those who invest on a select basis, based on location and hotel product type. Hotel brokers have developed marketing techniques with full potential of active hotel investors, lenders and industry players. 
Experience in sale and purchase:
Motel and hotel brokers have arranged the sale and purchase of the full spectrum of real estate which includes:
  • Full and limited  service hotels 
  • Resort properties, including mixed use resorts and residential components
  • Conference centers
  • Timeshare calculated projects
  • Hotel development sites
  • Individual and portfolio transactions
Brokers Hotel and Motel
Active needs:
Hotel and motel brokers are also active in the debt and honesty markets. Brokers have arranged complex structures which meets the needs of the clients. Brokers hotel and motel finances:
  • Refine of existing properties
  • Development and expansion in financing
  • Bridge loans
  • Corporate debt vehicles
Access to equity:
With the help of domestic and international networks, the brokers access to equity investors. Access to equity has allowed the brokers to assist their clients in formulating joint ventures and alternative capital structures. Specific projects provides capital infusions into growing companies such as:
  • Joint venture funding
  • Equity replacement
  • Recapitalization of partnerships and companies
Investment advice to the clients:
  • Strategic planning for individual properties
  • Exploring capital markets which includes debt and equity for specific properties and companies
  • Merges arrangements and consultation
  • Workouts on distressed hotel real estates
Resources and facilities:
Many resources and facilities available to brokers of hotel and motel includes the following:
  • Investment partnerships
  • New hotel development
  • Advantage management
  • Workouts and receiverships
  • Accounting services
  • Purchasing services
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Website management
Services provided:
  • Hotel investment services
  • Brokerage services
  • Value advices
  • Transaction
  • Disposition of implementation
Best ways to meet the needs of the markets:
  • Accessible
  • Knowledgeable
  • Available 
  • Enables to achieve the greatest return at the lower risk

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