A butcher is essentially an individual, who is responsible for slaughtering animals, dressing their flesh and eventually selling the meat. Many times, individuals choose to become butchers as the same is their family business. The tradition is usually passed on from one generation to the other. Children in a butcher’s family usually learn the tricks of the trade right from their childhood. This is mainly a result of the observation that they make. In certain countries, this profession is looked down upon. However, in few other countries butchers are applauded for their culinary skills


Role of Butchers:

  • The role of a butcher tends to differ on the basis of the place in which he is employed. However, the basic function of butchers is to engage in meat cutting.
  • In a retail environment, butchers are required to keep butcher supplies ready  on the basis of the specifications laid down by the customer in question.
  • As and when orders are received and fulfilled the butcher needs to keep a track of the inventory. At the beginning and the end of the day, butchers are required to maintain primary records with respect to the inflow and outflow of butcher supplies.
  • In order to attract customers and help them make a well-informed choice, butchers are required to lay down meat displays.
  •  Butchers carry in-depth knowledge with regards to the flavour of butcher supplies. Customers can have a rendezvous with the concerned butcher and note down tips to perfectly cook the meat that they have bought.

Skills required for becoming a Butcher:

  • In order to come out as a successful butcher, you need to gain full points on the hand-eye coordination parameter. If this is achieved, you will have an accident free tenure in this profession.
  • Secondly, butchers need to maintain high levels of hygiene, not only to keep their customers disinfected but at the same time for keeping themselves healthy.
  • As a butcher, you are required to stand and work during most part of the day. Moreover, since you will be working with heavy pieces of meat, you need to have sufficient stamina and strength.
  • Lastly, you need to have the ability to focus well on the task at hand and work efficiently both when independent as well as when working in a team.

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