Call Centres

In today’s date, a lot has been heard and spoken about call centres. Moreover, every product or service firm, irrespective of its size and scale of operation have started sporting their very own call centres. A call centre is essentially a service desk of an organisation, the aim of which is to offer customer service and to attend to customer queries. Most of the call centres make use of high levels of automation in order to please existing customers and so also to attract other prospects in the market.

Call Centres

More about Call Centres:

  • In a call centre, there are a number of employees the primary role of whom is to attend to customer calls. In these setups, a large number of calls are attended at one and the same time.
  • At the first level, the concerned employee is required to screen the call. The employee needs to have a quick question-answer session with the caller, understand his or her queries, answer the same if possible and end the call. If the employee doesn’t carry the required expertise to answer the customer, then the call needs to be forwarded to any such individual, who is capable of doing the same.
  • Each of the calls attended in a call centre are usually recorded. The same is also used as one of the tools to appraise the employees and so also to introduce any sort and training and development modules.

Benefits of Call Centres:

  • In a market, where competition has reached its peak, having happy customers has become crucial. Moreover, it is much easier to retain existing customers than to convince new customers to come on board. The activity of retaining existing customers can be fulfilled primarily at the call centre level.
  • In order to succeed with your products and services and so also to gain steady profits, getting your hands on customer feedback is vital. This can be achieved by noting down feedback from customers when they make calls to your firm’s call centre.
  • If a firm hires agents to make calls to customers, then a lot of time is wasted in miscellaneous activities such as finding customer contacts, noting down the same and eventually dialling up the customer. This time can be saved if you have a call centre in place.

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