Campervans Caravans and Motor Homes

Campervans Caravans & Motor Homes are vehicles that offer not just transportation, but at the same time accommodation and sleeping facilities as well. Though used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between campervans and motorhomes. A campervan is considered to be smaller in size as compared to a motorhome. Hence, from the comfort point of view motorhomes are a better option. However, if you have a tight budget and are thus seeking a comparatively low priced vehicle then opting for campervans would be just the right thing to do.

Campervans Caravans and Motor Homes

Features of Campervans Caravans & Motor Homes:

  • Caravans come complete either with a fixed roof or a pop-up roof. Fixed roof is generally part and parcel of the vehicle’s basic body. However, the pop-up roof is an addition, which can be raised when out on a camp.
  • Even the most basic campervan or motorhome tends to house a compact kitchen. You can find a refrigerator coupled with a two burner gas hob and grill in the same.
  • Larger vehicles sport portable toilets with an internal shower. On the other hand, smaller vehicles do have a portable toilet, but with an external shower.
  • Similarly, larger motor homes may also include air conditioning, water heater and space heating facilities to list down a few.

Benefits of Campervans Caravans & Motor Homes:

  • Campervans and Motor Homes are designed in such a fashion that you are likely to feel completely at home when you spend your day in the same. All the amenities offered are such that you will not be craving or miss anything as such.
  • Spending time outdoors is one very enthusiastic activity, which one should consider engaging in. There is so much to do such as fishing, rafting, canoeing and even hiking for that matter. Having a caravan at your hand will help you to free yourself from the worry of finding a place to stay when out on such activities.
  • When you are not travelling by your own vehicle, there may be instances in which you will be forced to leave behind your pet. This situation can be totally avoided if you have your own motor homes.

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