Car Detailing

Car detailing is a procedure which involves the complete cleaning and reconditioning of your vehicle both inside and outside. Your vehicle's beauty gets restored by taking proper care of it and it also saves investment. Detailing of the car is done for the protection of your vehicle from elements like contaminants and oxidation. Car detailing is done by the professional car detailers, as it is an easy process, it can also be done by you.

Car Detailing

Steps in car detailing:

  • Following step by step procedure must be followed for car detailing:
  • Firstly, you can start by cleaning the interiors of the car. Do a good brushing of the floor mats, carpets or upholstery, with a stiff nylon brush before vacuuming, so that dirt and dust gets brushed out easily.
  • Next comes the interior cleaning. Use a microfiber cloth and all-purpose mild cleaner for cleaning the interior hard surfaces. Use a conditioner for cleaning the seats based upon its material used.
  • Use cotton swabs for cleaning the air vent grilles
  • Now comes cleaning of your wheels and tires with a brush using a non-acid product, as acid based cleaners cause damage to them.
  • Wash your car using a car wash solution avoiding usage of dishwashing detergent, as it strips out any protective waxy coatings. After washing, dry the surface with a rubber-blade squeegee.
  • Next is cleaning of the paint using paint cleaners or with a good clay bar system, that removes wax and unwanted environmental chemicals which have bonded with the paint. Paint cleaners also remove small scratches from the paint.
  • Make the surface of the paint smooth and shiny by doing polishing with a good orbital machine polisher.
  • Do waxing by using two coats of wax to protect the paint by using a paste wax or liquid wax. If your automobile spends much of outdoors, give it a wax every season.
  • At last, clean the glass with a glass cleaner devoid of ammonia using a microfiber cloth.

Uses of car detailing:

  • It gives a brand new look to your car, increases your car resale value and lowers your repairing needs

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