Car Or Mini Bus Hire

A convenient way to move people for social occasion like weddings, any sporting occasion, or for even any conference is to do car or minibus hire. In order to save wear and tear or to avoid extra mileage to your own car, you can hire a car from a car rental agency. Rental agencies also provide mini buses for rent. After you get off the plane, you need a means of transport for exploring the city or going somewhere, so doing car hire is the best choice. Renting a car or mini-bus to get around is much more cost effective than utilizing a cab. A smart rental choice can keep you comfortable by providing extra seating options. For more members and extra luggage you can opt for mini bus hire. A mini bus or a coach is a small bus providing seating for about 15-20 passengers.

Car Or Mini Bus Hire

Check list to do before hiring:

  • Don't book or hire your vehicle in the last minute as prices can be high at the last moment.
  • Where you booked the car check about the insurance excess with the hire company or on website.
  • Be sure to know about the fuel policy before collecting the vehicle.
  • Before you drive, check for any damages and report it.

Rules for renting a vehicle:

  • A full or valid driving license with ID proof must be presented in the rental agency before hiring.
  • Driving record may be checked and People with bad remarks in driving shall be denied.
  • Insurance policy papers should be taken along with the rental vehicle(cars/bus).
  • Extra fees may be applied if you want to take second driver or other facilities like child safety seat,GPS,etc.
  • The minimum age for renting any car is of 18 years and for a mini- bus is of 21 years.
  • Before hiring some agencies ask for money deposit.
  • All rental vehicles are charged per 24 hours.
  • Mode of payment can be by credit cards or by cash.
  • A hirer of the vehicle is responsible for any traffic fines and related fees which occur during the rental period. 

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