Car Wash Services

Car wash services are the place which provides special equipment for washing the cars and other motor vehicles. The workers in car wash services uses special tools to clean the dirt of the vehicle both inside and outside. The process of washing cars will help in keeping the vehicle in good condition and will also retain more resale value. A simple and effective maintenance program will provide the car with excellent appearance and protection.

Car Wash Services

Types of car wash services:

  • No water car wash
  • Automated car wash
  • Manual car wash
  • Hand-wash service

Methods of washing:

  • No water car wash method will receive the same cleanliness to the car as the car wash method which uses water to clean the cars.
  • This type of car wash uses special cleaners which are sprayed to the surface of the cars. The cleaners are specifically designed to remove dirt, dust and other substances.
  • Automated car wash method is designed to clean every part of the body of the car efficiently and thoroughly.
  • Car wash services uses environmental-friendly and biodegradable shampoos for auto cleaning systems.
  • Manual car wash method provides the possible quality of clean and finish to the car. This method of car washing uses high-pressure water ejectors which gives a deep clean to the cars.
  • Car cleaning services also uses wax after washing which will leave the car look glossy and polished.
  • Regular car cleaning makes car look better, the car will last longer and will also look clean and shiny.
  • Hand wash car services included Exterior cleaning/washing of car, interiors cleaning by vacuum,polishing using wax,cleaning the wheel which is done by hands for extra finish look,fragrancing inside the car, windows/glass cleaning(inside and outside),etc.)
  • Some of the car cleaning services also uses computer to control the car wash equipment.
  • This system figures out the vehicle and applies the cleaning solution and polishes at the right time with the right temperature.

Some services offered are:

  • Car wash at residential apartments
  • Car wash at office buildings
  • Waxing and polishing
  • Interior vacuum clean
  • Cleaning of tires, rims and wheels
  • Total rust protection
  • Engine shampoo

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