Carpenters Joiners and Fitters

A joiner is an art who build things joining pieces of wood particularly lighter and ornamental done. The carpenters are skilled trade which is the primary work for cutting, shaping and installation of building material during the construction of buildings, ships, concrete form work. The carpenters sets the fittings of the house and shop by the fitters.

Carpenters Joiners and Fitters

A joiner usually produced items such as interior and exterior doors, Windows, stairs, tables, shelves, cabinets and furniture.  In marine ship building it makes a marine joinery work with materials other than wood such as linoleum, hardware, fibreglass and gaskets. The joinery is the manufacture and preparation of components which focus on the fitting of the components and setting out the fabrication of timber elements used in construction by carpenters joiners & fitters.  Jointer is a wood working tool to flatten boards so that it can attach and joined.
Carpenters are usually a tradesman, self employed and normally framed post and beam buildings.  Now the old fashioned is timber framing. Carpentry requires training which involved both acquiring knowledge and physical practice. In the formal carpentry begins with the apprentice and then joinery man with experience to the master carpenter. Carpenters worked with the traditions of natural wood and did the tougher work such as framing.
Materials used for carpenter:

  • Splitting (riving)
  • Hewing
  • Sawing

Tasks performed by the carpenters union include installing, floor Windows, siding, framing, metal framing, wall partition, office furniture systems, trim and moulding, exposed column and beams, displays, mantels staircases.
Types of carpenter:

  • Trim carpenter
  • Cabinet maker
  • Ship carpenter
  • Cooper
  • Framer
  • Finish carpenter

The fitters are usually done the fitting and welding work. They work both with physical and mental effort regardless to the industry and require an apprenticeship which make more of the specific skills of trade. They work mechanically and things that fit together and the parts that make up the whole. They also work in shipyards to assemble the fitting of the ship.

Materials used by fitters:

  • Jacks
  • Hammers
  • Dear
  • Welding equipment
  • Torches
  • Files and grinders
  • Pry Bars.

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