Carriers Light Transportation

Description: The highest value place is the transportation carrier’s mode. As a carrier –light transportation provider require to diverse and experience group also to provide the quality and customer expect. Mostly focus on what the carriers ensure that continue to deliver value to the customer.

Carriers Light Transportation

Benefits of the carriers that offers:

  • Industry-leading payment with respect to timely pay and fast electronic billing with a high pay decks score.
  • Competitive rates
  • Electronic communication methods like EDI, Web portal and emails.
  • Carrier recognition program.
  • Helping to know the assets as efficient and productive as possible.

The carrier technology developed with the full end to end functionality for all the transportation chain such as:

  • Support of EDI transactions and communications.
  • Carriers can post the available equipment to the network when it searching for the capacity.
  • Approved carrier can view and search mode transportation available loads across the world.
  • Managing the tenders and provide load status updates.
  • Approved carriers manage self with the carrier profile in the carrier management system which includes managing contact, identifying services and capabilities and provide information across the network.

Light transport and carrier services provide taxi, trucks, express couriers, distribution of storage and packing devices. It also deals with items such as computers, containers, fragile goods, furniture, mail, pallets and parcels. It also offer the delivery of food, drinking water and other perishable items. The service of light transport is 24/7 turn around, delivery off, mobile service and pick up. Usually light carriers change by weight and specify the estimated delivery time at the time of booking.

  • Customer needs to pay extra for the faster delivery on the same day or next day interstate delivery.
  • The charges are based on the LRT transporters but not the weight and delivery time depends and also the consignment is delivered to the location.
  • The cost will be calculated on the basis of distance between the origin and destination.
  • Before hiring make sure all the terms and conditions and understand. Customers could also minimize risk by insuring consignments.
  • Light transport services can offer a range of payment options like cash, cheque, EFT and EFTPOS

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