Cartoon and Caricature Artists

A picture, description or imitation of a person or thing in which characters are exaggerated. Caricature artists makes a cartoon caricature from the photos. Caricature is wonderful art and create a beautiful customized drawings. The artist has its own style of doing caricature work. They don’t alter the face features to make it more pleasing and cartoonist. No wonder cartoon and caricature artists are popular entertainment choice for variety of events.. It can be in the form of portrait and illustrations of people and places. Thses days caricature is found in newspapers, digital media, magazines, etc.Caricature is done for the purpose of entertainment.

Artists will sketch a hilarious cartoon pictures, color changing, and additional minor details.  As the sketch is done, immediate printouts no need to dry and no worry of smudging. Caricature artists adding a uniqueness and memorable events in wedding receptions, birthday, holiday party, corporate functions etc. cartoon artists can caricature in matter of minutes by sitting or strolling so the guests can entertained. Caricature artists create a custom border which are exclusive for the events. 

Cartoon and Caricature Artists

Opportunities of the artist’s:

Cartoon artist’s works in newspapers, magazines, comic book companies and book publishers. The cartoon artists do not need a particular form of education. Courses in art and drawings are useful for the cartoonist. Other requirements for the cartoonist is the portfolio of his work samples. Comics and children books illustration, animation, concept art, caricatures and graphic novels are mainly cartoon based. Illustrators and designers of cartoon artists are self employed entrepreneurs. Cartoon drawings have a great history in the art of caricature.                                                                                                                
Animated shows, feature films often involved:

  • Cartoon art
  • Model sheets
  • Key frames
  • Story boards much of the new work down on computer animations are based on cartooning concepts. Mostly traditional hand drawn animations done.

Cartoon techniques:

  • Newspaper comic strips are printed in color.
  • Rough sketches in pencil, finish it with ink.
  • Shading by pen with parallel lines.
  • Liquid solutions are brushed on in the special paper gives two kinds of shades.
  • Traditional cartooning is mostly black and white, pen and ink art form.

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