Cartridges Printing Inks and Toners

The printing ink cartridges and toners are the components used in the printers. These components are the basic part in the printers. The cartridges printing inks are used in the inkjet printers. The cartridges contains the liquid inks of desired colors. The printer cartridges comes in two different types one is the inkjet cartridge and the other is the toner cartridge. The ink cartridges and the toner cartridges also differ in the cost other than its features.

Cartridges Printing Inks and Toners

Difference between inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges:
The difference between the inkjet cartridges and the toner cartridges are explained below.
Inkjet cartridges:

  • The ink cartridges gets absorbs in the sponge. When the document is ready for printing the print head just deposits ink where it is required in the page which is kept on printing.
  • These cartridges also comes in three colors apart from the black color. The colored cartridges are connected altogether and the result is that if any one of the color cartridge gets empty then it starts releasing black color. It is the result in most of the inkjet printers.
  • There are electronic chips in some of the inkjet cartridges that communicates with the printers. There is a possibility to refill the inkjet cartridges by using a tool which helps in refilling the ink in the empty cartridges.
  • This process of refilling ink is a very tricky one and it is not assured that the cartridges may work.
  • The ink refilling is a cheap process than buying a new ink cartridges.

Toner cartridges:

  • The laser printers makes use of toner cartridges. Toner cartridges comes in a fine powder that can be magnetically charged rather than the ink liquids.
  • When a document needs printing the electronic drum catches the powder particles and release them on the page according to the need of printing document.
  • The laser rays fuses the particles to the page with heat.Toner cartridges also known as Laser cartridges.
  • During the manufacturing, petroleum of about 2 quarts are burnt.
  • Toner cartridges are expensive and come with kits of replacement parts of high quality.

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