Catering and Caterers Food

Description:The catering business provided by the food service to the remote site or a site such as hotel, public house or other locations. It has evolved to an artisanal affair. Caterers that create an experience to provide food supplies and sometimes service at social gatherings.

Catering and Caterers Food

Types of Catering:                                                                                                                                                                            

There are four types of catering which as follows:

  • wedding catering
  • Social event catering
  • Concession catering
  • Corporate catering

Wedding catering serves by the caterer’s food to the wedding party and it is to be done independently or it is part of package designed by the venue. Mobile Catering serves the catering food directly through the vehicle like cars and trucks. Most of the catering which is done on ships for catering offices such as ferries, cruises liners and cargo ships by the merchant’s ships often.

Types of catering establishments:                                                                                                                                                 

Various catering establishments that are categorized by their demands that they meet. The following are some of the Catering and Caterers food establishments as follows:

  • Restaurant:   It is an establishment that serves to the customers with prepared food and beverages in order to consume the premises. It is sometimes a large scale industry typically a hotel, dining amenities are provided for the convenience to the residents and hotels to maximize the potential revenue.
  • Transport Catering:  This establishment is done during the journey before and after on transport like train, aircraft, ships and buses or private vehicles. This service is also utilized by general public who are in the vicinity of transport catering unit.
  • Outdoor catering includes the provision of food and beverages from the home base through catering food suppliers. This type is done entirely depends upon the price agreed.
  • Retail catering which carries some of the retail stores acting primarily on their own ways that provide an additional facility. This type of catering involved in large departmental stores provide food and beverages to the customers as a part of retailing concept.
  • Leisure linked caterers refers to the who are engaged in rest and recreation activities which include sale through different stalls, kiosks, exhibitions, theme parks, galleries and theatres.

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