Catteries Boarding and Breeding

Catteries is a place used for boarding and breeding the cats. The catteries breeding facilities provided a spacious and hygiene homes, care and love for the cats. Most of the catteries will give medication if needed capable of providing the required treatment. Such as insulin injections for diabetic cats. The proprietor may have some units in the accommodation is at ground level or may be build sloping type.

Catteries Boarding and Breeding

Loving care of the cats:                                                                                                                   

Most of the cats adopt very quickly and caring for the cats with dedication like family members. New environment with best food, warmth and toilet facilities make the best of cosines.  The proprietors will monitor the needs of the cat and encouragement to eat, feel relax and happy as at home. Bordetella bronchiseptica (Bb) virus is most frequently seen in the cats kept in breeding catteries. It also occurs in household cats are taken out or boarded in cattery.

  • Cat chalets are double glazed heated and ultra violet protected roofing.
  • The gap between the cat chalets is to reduce any risk of airborne infection between the cats.
  • Cats do escape if the cattery is not built, maintained and managed properly.

Types of catteries:

  • Total indoors units have little chalets with an outdoor run.
  • Moderately in between indoors and little chalets.

It is much more rewarding and Heather for a cat to have an outdoor run.
Outdoor run enclosed safely to prevents the cats from escaping.
It’s provides better ventilation which will remove smells and infected organisms.

Basics in boarding cattery care and control of disease:

  • Single cats unit – it’s build to secure and are easy to maintain properly.
  • Safety passage _ security passage are important in boarding catteries.
  • Cattery designed is important _ cats needs to be separated either by barriers or wide gap.
  • Communal runs should avoid _ majority of cats don’t share space.
  • Avoid exercise areas _ it’s a potential virus sharing scenario.
  • Don’t spread diseases _ touching cats can spread diseases.
  • Vaccination is vital _ presence of lots of cats in the cattery.
  • Clean and sanitize _ the cattery should not Smell and litter trays to be cleaned regularly.

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