Celebrant Civil and Marriage

A priest who performs the necessary religious rituals during the marriage ceremony must be witnessed by every one of us but a government and civil official performing the ceremony is a rare occasion. Civil & Marriage is a wedding that is incorporated without any religious affiliation; instead, it meets all the legal requirements of the locale. It is a system in which reorganization by the legal authorities is considered more superior than the recognition by the society. A few countries have mandated this system before the couple gets married in a religious knot in a ceremony performed by a clergy.
Celebrant Civil and Marriage
Know the ins and the outs of a civil & marriage:
  • Some religious communities may not accept this form of wedding. Even if you are legally married, you might have to get a priest recite all religious scriptures in order to get your marriage accepted by your congregation.
  • To avoid your family get into talks about your atheist nature, you can include religious ceremonies in your civil & marriage.
  • These marriages are shorter that those religious weddings but it does not mean you can’t play music or have a priest do the reading. It’s the most flexible method of wedding.
  • You will need two witnesses to sign your marriage certificate.
  • It is not necessary that Government official will officiate the civil marriage, rather, it can be presided over by a priest or anybody you consider deemed fit to held the ceremony.
Know the benefits of this system:
  • This would help the Government to track the marital status of a person in the population registry.
  • Partners coming from different religious backgrounds will find this system simple to avoid potential issues from interfaith ceremonies.
  • Most suitable for the person who does not believe in the religion or follows any religious organization.
  • A religious ceremony is not legally binding. The couple has to get their marriage registered in order to make it legal. In many countries you can’t file a case against your partner if your marriage is not registered.  
  • This system can be performed anywhere; your house, on a beach or a restaurant etc.

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