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With the advent of technology, the use of charcoal has decreased. While charcoal was one of the prime fuels in the old days, now that other safer, more efficient and more environment friendly fuels are available, charcoals are rarely used as fuels. However, that does not mean that charcoals are absolutely obsolete in the modern society. There is still a huge demand for Charcoal Supplies in the market and that is why many companies are dedicated to acquiring and supplying charcoal. In this article you can find a few places where charcoal is required in the modern days and a list of ways and places where you can get charcoal. This by no means is an exhaustive list.
Uses for charcoal
Charcoal Supplies
  1. Cooking- although charcoal is rarely used as a combustible fuel, it is still used as a cooking fuel. Charcoal brings a different flavour to the food and is often used in barbecues and cooking burgers.
  2. Art – charcoal pencils and charcoal sketches are the most popular art form in the modern society. The powdered form of charcoal lets you put different shades of black into a picture, making it more lifelike.
  3. Activated charcoal – activated charcoal is one of the most actively used in the modern day beauty and health care industry. There are many ways in which you can use activated charcoal such as
    • Treats alcohol poisoning and prevents hangover
    • Whitens your teeth
    • Works wonders  for bloating and gas
    • Filtering and purifying water
    • Activated charcoal has anti-aging properties that can help you treat your skin and look younger
    • Fights cholesterol buildup in your body and can help with digestive cleansing
However, charcoal can be poisonous or toxic, so make sure you are using the right kind of Charcoal Supplies.
Where to get Charcoal Supplies
  • You can find wood charcoal or lump charcoal in the local markets
  • Drawing charcoal can easily be found in the stationery stores
  • You cannot easily separately buy activated charcoal but many of the products you use in day to day life actually contain activated charcoal.

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