Cheque Security Printing and Encoding

Security printing deals with securely printing of cheques, banknotes, passports, stock certificates, tamper evident labels, identity cards and postage cards. The main aim of this is to avoid tampering, forging or counterfeiting with such valuable documents. Encoding is the procedure of overprinting on the security background with personalized details and MICR code lines. These are printed in white ink which acts as stimulated watermark which has a different reflectance from an angle and cannot get easily scanned or photocopied. Cheque- Security printing & encoding is the requirement of a security control procedure and is the need of the hour in this fraudulent World.
Cheque Security Printing and Encoding
Things to note about Cheque- Security printing & encoding:  
  • This special type of printing has best results on heavy papers made up of cotton fibers or in some cases linen or forensic fibers to protect it from counterfeiting. Cheque and other legal documents are made of such material.
  • Security printing involves microprinting which is indiscernible to human naked eye. Cheques use microprinting as the signature line.
  • To securitize the cheque holograms are embedded using hot stamping foil, MICA a color changing ink, threads and foil are used.
  • Apart from these, a unique security number is an also assigned to legitimate the cheque and make it easier to audit and track.
  • All major business and financial institutions should have a copy evident technology installed to differentiate between an original and counterfeit cheque.
  • Prismatic coloring is also used on a cheque which incorporates void photography feature which would increase the difficulty level of successful counterfeiting.
Advantages of Cheque- Security printing & Encoding:
  • It acts as a fraud control measure. It demoralizes the criminals to be not able to perfect the art of cheque counterfeiting.
  • Productivity has increased with money coming from the right hands and going into right hands.
  • Less supervision is required on part of the bankers. They can devote their saved time in other financing activities.
  • Strengthens the banking system and increases people’s faith in banks and encourage them to keep their hard earned money in banks and improve the economic condition of the country.

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