Child Care Family Day Care

Most people are aware of child care centers and nannies but fewer people know about child care- family day care which is a great alternative to these traditional ways of safekeeping the kids while their parents are at work. A notable difference between child care centers and family day care is very low carer to child ratio. This allows the kids and the caretaker to develop a strong bond. This is also a great opportunity for kids with disabilities or special requirements and needs to mingle with normal kids and become self motivated and also make friends for life.
Child Care Family Day Care
A few pointers to note before deciding where to put your kid:
  • There is an age barrier of 6 weeks to 12 years for the admission of a child in a family day care and there are numerous educators focusing on each level of kids differently.
  • Family day care has flexible full time, part time, overnight, weekend care based on the requirements of the parents. They also cater to the needs of the parents who need to travel or who has shift working hours.
  • Most family day care services are take care of by some nonprofit organization like Church council or local government authorities making this system extremely safe and secured.
  • Parents might have to go through extensive legal formality.
  • The fees of the child care services vary with the location, hours of care, educator’s qualification and the age of the child. Some day care centers also provide food, transport and other requirements that the kids need which also increases the overhead cost.
Advantages of a child care- family day care:
  • The child gets a home like environment which will make them feel more comfortable.
  • It is the only approved service which offers 24*7 child care for parents who do not have flexible working hour option.
  • Some family day care has trained fieldworkers that run play sessions and also provide toy library services so that children have variety of experiences.
  • Educators pass a stringent police verification procedure and they are bound by legal rules and regulations to provide kids a safe environment to grow and develop.

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