Chocolate and Cocoa Specialists

What would be a better than being a chocolate specialist by profession for person who is a diehard fan of chocolates. A chocolate & Cocoa Specialist is a person who identifies the best quality cocoa beans which will be sent to a chocolate manufacturing unit. They have an exclusive course in which they have to specialize in order to become a professional in this field. They get to know about the chocolate from its roots. To become a successful specialist, one must know how to make or work with different types of chocolates from different origins to be created as a sensation of taste.
Chocolate and Cocoa Specialists
How is a chocolate specialist different from other professionals?
  • The course for a professional cocoa specialist comprehensively covers business management skills in production and marketing, operation in a chocolate manufacturing factory and also an internship degree as a chocolatier.
  • There is variety of culinary schools that offers this course in specialization.
  • They know about the detailed history of chocolate.
  • They learn about the techniques of cultivating and processing chocolates specially the appliances and tools that are used in chocolate sculpting and creating amazing masterpieces.
  • They get lessons on chemistry of chocolate’s textures and flavors.
  • They get a wide insight about how chocolate tempering, dipping molding and decorating is done.
  • These specialists get to know about confectionary formulae based on fondant or ganache.  
  • None other than a specialist will ever be able to differentiate between different qualities of cocoa that is produced and they will be the one to tell which cocoa beans should go into which kind of production.
Advantages of a being a chocolate & cocoa specialist:
  • It is a course which is not much exploited and there is no much competition between the specialists.
  • They have an exclusive market for themselves and earn huge salaries for their work.
  • Every confectionary shop in international market hires a specialist for their bakery to gain reputation in the market.
  • A specialist will be respected for their respective skills and knowledge in the food and management industry.

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