Christian Scientists

Science in general is a belief that is proved and made into a fact and Christian Science in particular is a set of practices and beliefs that belongs to the metaphysical family of the 19th century new religious movements. Christian scientists are the ones who follow the belief established by The First Church of Christ, Scientist that is built in Boston, Massachusetts. This is fastest growing religion in the United States. Christian Science is considered as the return of “the primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing”. The movement emphasizes in the practice of divine healing as it was practiced in the times of Jesus Christ.
Christian Scientists
More information about Christian Science:
  • The leaders of the group believe in mainstream Christian teaching and reject the identification of new thought movement.
  • Christian Scientists are different from traditional Christians in several respects. They even challenge the beliefs of the Christians regarding the death, resurrection, salvation and other aspects of Jesus Christ.
  • Under the BOD Chairman Virginia Harris, it has been embarked as an aggressive multi-faceted marketing program specially designed to attract new members. 
  • They are finding new ways to promote their cult in the light of society’s current interest to increase their self awareness, mind and body connection and spirituality.
  • Spiritual healing is the major belief of these scientists. Telepathy and psychic healing is widely practiced by them. 
  • Instead of preaching on Sunday masses, they prefer reading about spirituality and interpretations from the Bible.
Benefits of following Christian Science over Christianity:
  • One stops believing that doctors are the only ones on this Earth that can save you from any disease. You start believing in God and get a positive hope when people are fighting between life and death. 
  • The donation towards the Church of Christ is considered tax deductible if one itemizes their deductions.
  • Christian Scientists work for the upliftment and a peaceful environment for the old people who are discarded as useless things from their own houses.
  • Christian scientists are more rooted to its history than Christianity. They are deeply involved or engrossed in the religion and its preaching.

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