Cinemas and Drive Ins

A theatre where films are shown for public entertainment and an establishment especially an outdoor theater designed to permit customers to remain in their automobile are generally known as cinemas and drive-ins. Movies have been a popular form of entertainment. Whether a comedy that creates laughter, a drama which moves the audiences to tears or a horror movie that makes people screaming out of fear. Movies provide escape, fun and excitement for the millions of people who attend drive in theaters and cinemas.
Types of cinemas:
Cinemas and Drive Ins
  • Independent film - is one that has been produced without the initial support or production of commercial cinema. The film industry may be copyright or not, while it is almost independent film ever.
  • Animation film - is that in which the directors use predominantly animation techniques. The actual film image will record real images on the move which later breaks down into a discrete number of frames.
  • Documental film - is based on the work of the images taken from reality. Usually mistaken for documentary reportage, the first one, closely linked to the origins of cinema film genre and the second linked to the origins of television genre.
  • Experimental film - is the one that uses a means of more artistic expression, forgotten classic visual language and use the resources to express and suggest emotions, experiences, feelings, using plastic or rhythmic effects that are linked to the image processing or sound.
  • Environmental film - these films has not only contacted the man with nature in many cases but has also been occasionally active militant in the struggle for environmental protection.
Basic elements of cinema:
  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Plot
  • Music and sound track
  • The cast and their performances
Benefits of drive-ins:
  • Moviegoers are able to watch a movie comfortably within their own vehicles and are afforded privacy.
  • Some of the drive in theaters offers lawn chairs and patios.
  • A drive in theaters can also boast special attractions.
  • Some of the drive in theaters offers playground for children to enjoy themselves while parents watch films.

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