Clothes and Coat Hangers

A metal, plastic or wood piece which is usually curved that is used for hanging clothes is called clothes hanger or coat hangers. It is usually in the shape of human shoulders to facilitate hanging of shirt, coat, or any dress. Some of the hangers has lower bars or clamps to facilitate the hanging of trousers or skirts. Coat hooks or clothes hooks are a curved or bent metal piece hanging on the wall to facilitate hanging of coats or any other clothes. 
Types of hangers:-
Basic three types of hangers are there made of steel, wooden and plastic. 
Clothes and Coat Hangers
  • First one is the wire hanger made up of steel, has a simple loop in flattened triangle shape with a hook at the top.
  • Second is the wooden hanger consisting of a flat piece of wood in boomerang like shape. Edges are designed to prevent damage to clothing with a metal hook protruding at top.
  • Third one is the plastic hanger which is used for coats with the shape of like a wire or wooden hanger.
Skirt and trouser hangers, instead of triangular in shape have clips with a rod along the bottom. 
Tips to choose perfect hanger:-
Specific hangers are designed for holding different types of clothing made of different materials. You can extend the life of your clothes by choosing the right type by considering following points:-
  • For T- shirts, polo shirts or jeans, smooth, heavy gauge tubular plastic hangers are perfect. Variety of shapes, styles and colors are available in plastic type.
  • Wooden hangers are suited for jackets, sweaters, robes and tailored suits as they are thick and curve in shape. Curve shape gives support and protects the clothing.
  • Metal hangers are available in a variety of attractive finishes and they are strong and durable.
  • For delicate knits, padded hangers are a great option. Padding is wrapped not only on the top but all around the hanger, which makes it unique.
  • For kids clothing, kid's hangers are best rather than larger adult sized hangers. It will prolong the life of the clothing as other hangers may stretch out children's clothes.
Clothes & coat hangers can be correctly chosen by keeping in mind quality, durability, cost and clothes life shelf can be increased.

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