Clothing Menswear Retail

A clothing store where men’s clothes are sold. A clothing store is a mercantile Establishment for the retailer sales of goods or services. Clothing men’s wear retailer’s shops offer clothing and accessories for men. In commerce a retailer buys goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers or importers.
Kinds of retailers are:
  • A large shop is called a superstore or megastore.
  • A shop with many different types of commodity is known as department stores.
Clothing Menswear Retail
Services offered by the men’s wear retailers which are:
  • A store offer a range from traditional to high fashion menswear, targeting a wide variety of collection according to the age group.
  • Menswear retail provide a range of clothes like business and formal suits, dress and casual shirts.
  • In menswear store as men’s fashion changes, the range of clothes on offer will adjust to accommodate the changes.
  • A special section of stock clothing for men sports jackets, overcoats, and men’s underwear.
  • Menswear retailers can offer a range from hats, belts, ties, and cufflinks to executive toys, umbrellas and hip flasks etc.
  • Menswear stores may also offer sports clothing items such as golf wear, or clothing in team supporter colors.
  • Men’s clothes stores dedicated stock specialist may serve particularly to larger or taller sizes according to the clothing styles.
  • In addition to suits and clothes, menswear retail stores offer men’s cosmetics, skin care and Cologne.
  • In addition to that the menswear retail store offer online service for fitting and adjustment service for suits, hire service for formal and special occasion.
  • The clothing retailers also present men’s fashion shows to launch their products.
  • Some menswear stores also stock shoes and offer such diverse items as safety boots and house slippers etc.
  • The most retailers used the pricing techniques are cost pricing, this involves adding a markup amount to the retailers cost.
Value of menswear retailers:
  • Menswear retailers are specialist and pride itself on the quality of its garments, Choice of fabrics and detailed of its embellishments.
  • Retailers are most experienced, and offer service oriented ongoing trends and consistently deliver high standard products at value for money prices.

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