Coin and Note Handling Machines

Increasingly modern banks, credit unions and financial institutions understand the value of becoming a destination for its customers. New activities and services play an important role in securing loyal and new customers. Coin and note handling machines is a unique marketing platform which gives additional customer service. The services provided are virtually hassle free and at the same time getting a platform with loyalty programs, dialogue and cross selling. 
Stunning and elegant features machines:
Coin and Note Handling Machines
  • Thousands of banks and credit unions use this unique machines which handles their customer’s coins efficiently, quietly, accurately and virtually service free.
  • The broad product program of coin handling machines offers solutions for the bank environment to fit any need of the bank systems.
  • Handling of coin and note within the bank or credit union need to be effective, silent, fast and accurate as possible which the handling machines provides.
  • The handling machines is the most widely used staff operated coin counter in banks and credit unions worldwide.
  • With its elegant designs any of the coin and note handling machines can be used in any décor or bank environment.
  • For handling medium or high volumes of coins and notes, the handling machines have an alternative and attractive system of counting.
  • Counting more coins and notes in a minute are fast and reliable with the help of handling machines.
Benefits of handling machines:
With its ease of use, super-fast counting and dependable operation, the note handling machines delivers excellent help to increase traffic in every business.
  • The handling machines draws new customers and increases the frequency of return visits.
  • It increases back office efficiency by balancing till and cash drawer coins.
  • Handling machines also helps to reduce expenses with coin recycling.
  • High speed processing provides the fastest counting and sorting in the industry.
  • Handling machines advances the debris management such as paper clips, screws, bolts and bent coins are diverted and captured for easy disposal.
  • Suspect coins are not counted but diverted but diverted to a coin return cup, the handling machines maintains unmatched counting and sorting speed.

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