Colour and Image Consultants

Predict a successful image to create a powerful first impression. It is the key to success in personal, professional and social life. The fact is that a person’s image is a combination of several factors. And just like an interior is a combination of several factors. A Colour and image consultant is an only an image consultant can help people forecast a winning image in all aspects. An image consultant takes the client through a process of lifestyle assessment. Consultant suggest and identifying the roles and goals. Create a level of dressing in different situations in terms of authority, trustworthiness, approachability, stability etc.
Image consultant helps people in the following manner:
Colour and Image Consultants
  • Assimilate personal style in dressing
  • Suitable Body language and Protocol
  • Dressing as per character and desire to create an applicable communication
  • Dressing as per body shape, variant and personal colors
  • Purchase clothes in Collection
Color and image consultant services includes are:
For both women and men -
  • Packages like style transformation, style discovery, style upgrade
  • Individual services like wardrobes consultation, custom shoe design, personal shopper etc.
  • Online makeover services like online Color analysis, body shape analysis, online men and women style program
  • In person services like before and after photos, gift certificates and many more services
Color analysis process:
  • The right coloring for skin, hair, and eyes can make look younger and feel more confident than ever.
  • Consultant starts with over 2,000 Color samples and select best for us.
  • A customized color analysis is the only way to find the right colors.
  • Color swatches can match while shopping clothing, accessories, or cosmetics.
  • For women the consultation includes a skincare assay, cosmetic make over, and a custom blended foundation.
Body style analysis:
  • Consultant helps to determine clothing styles, proportions, length, fabrics, and accessories are correct to the body.
  • Body style portfolio with illustration that shows the look best and also styles to avoid.
  • Combine different lengths and shapes to create flattering outfits.
Color analysis tools are:
  • Swatch wallets
  • Colour strips
  • Flags
  • Drapes kits and more
Image consultant tools are:
  • Assessment tools
  • Custom branded materials and visuals 
Instructional resources:
  • Print 
  • Electronic

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