Community Advisory Centres and Services

An advisory centre consisting of general public representatives who meet with institutional representatives or any community member to relay information between the two groups is commonly called a community advisory centre. You can access information and advice on a range of activities, services and resources from these advisory centres. Confidential and non-judgmental services are provided and assured by it. For non- profit groups and organizations meetings, seminars and workshops, community advisory centres provide a free venue. 
Community advisory services:-
Community Advisory Centres and Services
Many services are provided by the community advisory centres which are as follows:
  • Information and referral service in which it provides information to the public or referring clients as necessary.
  • It assists assistance for family budgeting or with any individual in budget counseling service.
  • Community development officer researches the community's needs, assists the program development, prepares reports, and finally to the community relays information of interest.
  • Community housing is also one of the community advisory services provided, in which it provides a wide range of services to assist homeless families for their accommodation.
  • Personal counseling, crisis intervention, child and family counseling are the other services provided by it.
Throughout the year regularly, community education sessions are held by community advisory centres.
Need for advisory centres:-
Advisory centres are needed in community for any assistance needed. These centres are provided for like women's, children's, and accommodation related issues or for starting any business on small or large scale.
  • You get free, confidential and impartial consultation for any of the service you need.
  • These centres are needed for solving any problem you face and to find a way forward.
  • They give their time to listen, support and advice you providing confidential and professional service.
  • Based upon their experience and knowledge, advisors solve issues making your life better.
  • Team of advisors after working with you makes sure that you are receiving the entitled benefits.
Community advisory centres & services give you advice whenever you need in any phase of life and assist you for your better and prosperous future. These centres and services they provide are established to strengthen links between the community members and to boost up your confidence level.

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