Community Health Centres

An organization which meets the emotional and developmental needs of the community is generally known as community health center. Community health centers aim to help their client’s access successful options by providing them with a wide range of clinical support services. Some of the community health centers strive to play an active role in supporting community initiatives and programs in the fields of mental health and special needs. If health problems are caused by social and environmental issues, health team of the community centers develops a program to reduce them.
Purposes of community health centers:
Community Health Centres
  • Community health centers are mandated for improving the health status of the entire community in addition to the health of an individual patient.
  • Community health centers provides services which are generally accessible to their target population.
  • Community health centers also provides services which are comprehensive and are also coordinated with other community services.
  • Community health centers are accountable to the communities which they serve.
  • The community members are also involved in planning programs and organizational governance.
  • Community health centers must serve medically designated areas such as poverty levels, number of providers and health status indicators. 
  • Community health centers must provide primary and preventive care to medically underserved and uninsured people and also dental and mental health services.
  • Community health centers focuses on keeping people and the communities in good health. 
Services provided by the community health centers:
  • Community health centers provides high quality patient care through teams of family physicians, nurses, dietitians, therapists and by other primary care providers.
  • Community health centers also unite with health center programs, social services and community programs which generally addresses the social barriers of health.
  • Community health services are significant for preventing illness and keeping people healthy rather than only by treating their illness.
  • Community health centers focuses on the most appropriate services and programs for the local community which they serve.
  • Community health centers engages the members of the community in helping to identify the priorities and strategies for the services such as community needs assessments, client surveys, community advisory groups, etc.

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