Computer and It Technical Support

Computer technical support is the field of study which involves computers in the areas of upgrade, repair and networking services. A computer technical support student will gain an in-depth understanding of PC hardware, network fundamentals, windows operating system technologies and computer servicing. The main aim and purpose of the computer and IT - technical support is to enable the learners to use their understanding of technical support tools and techniques to source technical information and communicate advice and guidance to resolve technical problems.
Functional skills of the IT support services:
Computer and It Technical Support
  • Plans solutions to complex tasks by analyzing the necessary stages. Selects and interacts with the use of technical support systems safely and securely for a complex tasks.
  • Uses appropriate search techniques to locate and select relevant information. Selects informations from a variety of sources to meet the requirements.
  • IT support services combines and presents information in many ways that are fit for the purposes. Use of the communications software to meet the requirements of the complex task.
  • Helps to take full part in formal and informal discussions and exchanges that includes unfamiliar subjects. Also helps to read and understand a range of straight-forward texts.
Duties of computer support services:
  • Maintains an inventory of computer hardware and software.
  • Conducts data backup and restoration as required in accordance with established procedures.
  • Computer support services performs routine software maintenance tasks such as installing software and updating anti-virus programs.
  • Ensures that computer workstations are in proper operating condition and perform their duties such as installing computer software programs, removing unnecessary files and folders, etc.
  • Computer support services helps to investigates computer hardware problems reported by users and applies routine corrective measures.
  • Provides training and user support to the staff and clients in the use of computer software and hardware programs by performing duties such as diagnosing and resolving problems.
Benefits of technical support:
  • Support of complex and multi vendor environment
  • Technical support access to a simplified and integrated delivery model
  • IT technical support enhances operational reliability and efficiency 
  • Greater value from the technical support of the IT and computer environment.

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