Computer and Video Games Sales and Hire

The game which is controlled by the computer where the players interact with the objects displayed on the screen for entertainment.  But the video game is the same form and it does not refer to played with a computer but the games which is run by the console. The considerable amount of interest among the industry which is offered by the computer and video games sell and hire.
Difference between computer games and video games:
  • The computer games were developed in the mainframe which is introduced earlier.  But now the software companies creating the potential games for home and personal users. The trend is quickly moved and it is differ from video games in many ways.
  • The video games used to play with the help of joystick which is a basic instrument. The computer users may use joystick or keyboard or mouse to play the games. 
  • Another main difference between these two is that computer gaming is possible to have by online.
Computer and Video Games Sales and Hire
Types of computer games:
There are four types of computer games which as a follows:
  • Strategy
  • First person shooters
  • Viewed games
  • Racing
Advantages of Computer games:
  • Playing games makes relax and build the social bonds which develop the skills and increases the social status. 
  • The development of the games as means of entertainment which is evolved by the software companies as computer games hire and sell.
  • At times every personal computers which is developed the games in proportion and color.
  • It makes quick decisions and also creative.
Classification of Video games:
It is designated as the authority for classifying the video games according to the content. It is a small game that contained in a disc that is predominantly film. It is a fantastic hobby but not a cheap one. Video games sell and hire that can gives a wider variety.
The classification of the Video games are as follows:
  • The symbol 3 which is classified as to all age groups.
  • The symbol 7 which is classified and it is normally rated to all age groups but some to younger children.
  • The symbol 12 which classified for 12years and over and it is slightly graphic.
  • The symbol 16 and 18 which is for over 16 and 18 years over.

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