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An equipment of a computer is a device that adds new functionality after getting connected to a computer or it is also a device which is necessary for the perfect operation of a computer. Central processing units, random access memory and motherboards are essential devices which are found in computers. The main circuit board that connects all other devices together is a computer's motherboard. CPU or central processing unit of a computer is the main computing center that is necessary to carry out the calculations for a computer to run. Power supplies, hard drives, cooling equipment, expansion cards, input and output devices are the other necessary computer equipment's.
Online service provider:-
Computer Equipment Online Service Providers
The links which are vital between the users and the internet are the online service providers. Through online service providers only, anyone can enter the internet world. Services which the online service provider provides are as follows:
  • It provides the online services like email, discussion forums, news articles, websites, downloading files and chat rooms.
  • It also provides software packages, personal web page, and email accounts besides providing access to the internet.
  • Through online service providers you can communicate easily at every corner of the world with others.
  • You can also work or shop at home by utilizing these services through online shopping service.
  • Online service providers in the business operation make the revolutionary changes.
Problems faced by online service providers:-
In today's world, online service providers besides providing internet access to the customers, provide customers to the internet. With the development of internet, online service providers face some critical issues like:
  • These service providers face legal pressure from users, government and industry because it is a big challenge for them in protecting the information of the customers.
  • The online service providers who support E-businesses face the problem of being cheated because all the online transactions are completed through internet only.
Computer equipment – online service providers are the means of communication between the users and the internet. Online service providers make the online services an important part of the IT industry. At last you can say that without the online service providers, internet makes no sense.

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