Concrete Cement Rendering and Bagging Specialists

Concrete is the most widely used building product. Concrete – cement rendering and bagging specialists provides a textured surface for brick and masonry walls. Bagging and rendering is particularly suited to brick or brick veneer homes and it also provides a very popular finish to both traditional and contemporary architect designed homes. Bagging and rendering also has many landscaping applications such as walls and columns. Cement rendering is the process of applying a layer of cement composition to rough, irregular surfaces. Cement rendering is being used on the surfaces which are usually made of concrete blocks, bricks or stones.
Materials used:
Concrete Cement Rendering and Bagging Specialists
Some of the basic materials used for cement rendering usually includes:
  • Concrete 
  • Sand
  • Lime
  • Water
The sand in the mixture is used for different finishes and lime is used to prevent the appearance of fissures once the render has dried. Concrete cement bagging specialists uses the following mix proportions to make general concrete:
  • One part of cement 
  • Two parts of concrete sand
  • Three parts of gravel or stone
Benefits of cement rendering specialists:
  • Cement rendering is being used to smooth and improve the look of interior and exterior walls of house or building.
  • The render can have different textures and colors depending on the aspect of the house.
  • Coarse sand can be used for a textured finish while fine sand can be used for smooth finish of the surface.
  • Rendering can be used in its natural color or a different color can be chosen according to the preferences.
  • A clear benefit of choosing concrete - cement rendering specialists to render the house using either a natural color render or pigmented one is that a person will not have to worry about painting the house again.
  • A house rendering process can significantly improve the value of the house.
  • Rendering a house not only gives the pleasing appearance to a house but also serves as weather protection for the exterior walls.
  • Some of the rendering specialists and their experienced and professional team constantly provides high quality cement rendering services.

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