Concrete Mixing and Vibrating Equipment

Concrete is the combination of four basic components which are water, cement, sand and rock. Concrete mixture is a self-contained unit. The concrete mixing and vibrating equipment consists of frame, wheels, a towing tongue, an engine, a power-loader skip, a mixing drum, a water tank and an auxiliary water pump. Concrete mixer can also be used as a central mixing plant.
Categories of concrete mixer:
There are two main categories of concrete mixing machines are:
Concrete Mixing and Vibrating Equipment
  • Batch mixer – produces concrete one batch at a time. This type of mixer needs to be emptied and cleaned completely after each mixing cycle and reloaded with the materials for the next batch of concrete.
  • Continuous mixer – produces concrete at a constant rate. The constituents are continuously entered at one end as the fresh concrete exists from the other end.
Types of concrete mixer:
  • Batch mixer can be differentiated by the orientation of the axis of rotation and two main types of batch mixer are drum mixer and pan mixer. The drum mixers consists of a drum with fixed blades rotating around its axis while the pan mixers may have either the blades or the pan which rotates around the axis.
  • Continuous mixers are usually non-tilting drums with screw-type blades rotating in the middle of the drum. The drum is tilted downwards toward the discharge opening. The mixing time is determined by the slope of the drum. These concrete mixing equipment are used for applications that require a short working time with a long unloading time. 
Concrete vibration process:
  • Concrete vibration can improve the compressive strength of the concrete by removing air. 
  • Concrete vibrating machines consolidates concrete in two stages. First by moving concrete particles then by removing entrapped air.
  • Concrete vibrating equipment settles the concrete by subjecting the individual particles into a rapid succession of impulses causing differential motion.
  • Concrete vibrators are divided into two major categories which are external and internal vibrators.
  • External vibrators are attached directly to the concrete form while the internal vibrator utilizes a vibrating head that is placed directly into the concrete mix.

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