Concrete Repair and Treatment Services

A composite material which is composed of aggregate and bonded together along with fluid cement and hardens with time is referred to as concrete. Lime stone based concretes are most commonly used and other concretes used are asphalt concrete and polymer concrete. Different types of concrete differ based on the difference in the proportions of main ingredients i.e. cement, water and aggregates. Concrete production takes place in a concrete plant or a batch plant. Ready mix plants and central mix plants are the two types of concrete plants. The difference between the two is based upon mixing of all the ingredients with and without water. 
Causes of concrete degradation:-
Concrete Repair and Treatment Services
One of the most durable building materials is concrete which provides superior fire resistance and have a long service. Concrete gets damaged by processes like:
  • Expansion of corrosion products of the bars made of steel reinforcement
  • Freezing of trapped water
  • Aggregate expansion
  • Bacterial corrosion and leaching
  • Erosion caused due to fast flowing water
  • Sea water effects
  • Fire or radiant heat
  • Degradation caused due to physical damage
  • Carbonatation, distillate water, chlorides and sulphates causes chemical damage.
All the above factors cause concrete to deteriorate and become cracked making the concrete more dangerous and need for repair.  When the concrete breaks away from the main slab, it is called as spalling.  Many concrete-repair & treatment services are available which can be adapted.
Concrete repair systems:-
Concrete floors gets damaged in the form of cracks, divots, joints, chips, holes and trenches and this has to be repaired by utilizing one of the following concrete repair services:
  • Crack and joint repair
  • Epoxy injection repairs
  • Concrete grinding and sealing
  • Polyurethane repairs
  • Installation of concrete overlayment
  • Structural repair
  • Solvent free epoxy coatings
  • Industrial and decorative flooring
Concrete treatments extend the life of any existing infrastructure and provide protection to new assets. Concrete treatment services also include anti- corrosion coating treatment services which includes the preparation of specifically coated surface. This coated surface has appropriate purity and smoothness which ensures good adhesion of the coating. Specialist contractors repair corrosion, mortars, protective coatings that not only repair damage but increase the life of the structure.

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