Confectionery Retail Outlets

Confectionery has been a favorite treat for consumers around the world. Whether it is the comfort of old favorites or the excitement of the latest products, the taste, convenience and affordability of candy has ensured that its popularity remains reduced in both mature and developing markets by the confectionery - retail outlets. When considering about confectionery there are many providence such as they provide energy carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fibers, saturated fat, vitamin c, calcium, iron and sodium.
Types of confectionery:
The solubility and crystallization properties of sucrose and its combination with other sugars are largely responsible for the physical differences in confectionery products. Some of the types of confectionery available in the retail outlets are:
Confectionery Retail Outlets
  • Boiled sweets and hard candies – consists of a solution of sucrose and glucose syrup. 
  • Fondant – is a partly crystallized sugar-glucose syrup prepared under controlled conditions.
  • Caramels and toffee – are relatively low-cooked confections that retain their shape in room conditions.
  • Fudge – if crystallization in caramels is initiated either by agitation or seeding with addition of powdered sugar or fondant a short textured paste is obtained which is usually called fudge.
  • Nougats and marshmallows – are confectionery foams containing thousands of finely divided air cells dispersed throughout the syrup matrix.
  • Jellies and gums – are single phase, low-boiled, high- moisture confections whose syrup mass would be quite flowable but for the presence of some colloidal setting agent.
Mission and vision of confectionery retail outlets:
  • Retail confectionery outlets advances the confectionery industry by offering members the knowledge to build businesses from entrepreneurial passion.
  • Retail confectionery outlets aim to provide a forum for confectioners through meet, network, share ideas, solve mutual problems and develop their candy making and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Some of the retail confectionery outlets provides the means to their members need in building sweet businesses through educational courses, events, publications and online resources.
  • Retail confectionery outlets concentrates on improving the value and quality of their products.
  • Continuous processing is a fundamental part of the retail confectionery outlets for achieving the high quality and high levels of outputs.

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