Conservation and Environmental Organisations

The usage, improvement and protection of human and natural resources in a wise manner by ensuring their highest economic and social benefits on a continuing and long-term basis are generally known as conservation and environmental organizations. Conservation is achieved through alternative technologies such as recycling, spoilage and reduction of waste and implies consumption of the conserved resources. 
Environmental conservation measures:
Conservation organizations primary focus is upon maintaining the health of the natural world that is fisheries, habitats and biological diversity. Organizations secondary focus is on materials conservation and energy conservation which is important to protect the natural world. Some of the environmental conservation measures are:
Conservation and Environmental Organisations
  • Bicycle riding – for many different reasons such as it could save money, for fitness, reduces dependence on fossil fuels and reduces carbon emissions. The choice of bicycle riding favorably impacts the environment several ways.
  • Driving Eco-friendly cars – there are four mainstream options of cars other than petrol and diesel models which are CNG model cars, cars with LPG kits, electric cars and hybrid cars.
  • Product recycling – prevents waste of potentially useful materials, reduces energy usage, reduces air and water pollution by reducing the need for conventional waste disposal and also lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
Some of the recyclable products are:
  • Paper, cartons, cardboard, wood
  • Batteries, cans, bottles, plastic, clothes, etc
Number of issues considered by the organizations:
Some of the issues examined by the environmental organizations include:
  • Climate change – particularly in the developing world to strengthen the abilities of the countries and integrate climate change responses into national development processes.
  • Disasters and conflicts – minimizes threats to human well being from environmental causes and consequences which results from existing natural and potential man-made disasters.
  • Ecosystem management – organizations ensures the whole form of planning system of land and living resources to promote conservation and sustainable used to enhance human well being. 
  • Environmental governance – organizations ensures that at regional, national and global levels the environmental governance and interaction are strengthened in order to address environmental priorities.
  • Resource efficiency – ensures that natural resources should be produced, processed and should be consumed in an environmentally sustainable way.

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