It’s a small official office of one country into another country which refer to consulates and the main office in the capital which refers to embassies. Consulates are in larger towns and cities and it does not do all sort of jobs of the embassy. It deals with the passport for their citizen and visas for the foreigners those want to visit. One who works in any sort of consulates is the consular officers and the one who is in charge is the consul general.
Roles and responsibilities of embassies:
  • Embassy: The main representative officer of the capital of one country into another which is headed by the ambassador.
  • High Commission: The main representative officer of the capital of commonwealth country into another which is headed by the high commissioner.
  • Consulate general: The lower level representative office usually located outside the city which is headed by the consulate general.
  • Honorary consul: This is usually for the business person who agrees to perform limited consular functions on a part time basis which is headed by an honorary consul.
Task of consulate:
  • It’s a representation of the public administration of a country in a foreign country.
  • It is responsible for its own fellow
  • To establish and renew passports and other documents.
  • To report the certificates that happened in the host country 
  • To inform its own citizen living abroad about the situation.
  • Handling of its own citizen which is liable to military service.
  • To establish the documentation for the foreign citizens and to inform about it.
In special cases the honorary consulate has the limited competences which is not managed by professional consular officers.

Task of Embassy:
  • It’s a diplomatic representation of one country into another.
  • Transmission of messages from home government to the host government.
  • Information of important events happening from one government to the host government.
  • Promotes the culture one country to another.
  • Most of the embassies have a consular section but the functions of consulate will be the same.
In special cases the commonwealth member of high commission of one country into another country.
Purpose of embassy:
It is designed to increase the communication between the countries that have official representatives of foreign government to the host.

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