Convents and Nunneries

Convents are a community of persons who devotes their life completely to religion under a superior. Convent is also an association or society of monks, nuns or friars. Nuns are the women members of religious community living under vows of chastity, obedience and poverty. A building or group of buildings which is built specifically for the nuns to live is the nunneries. Nuns decide to dedicate their entire life in serving all the other living beings. She also might become ascetic who voluntarily chose to leave the society and devote her life in prayer and contemplation in a convent or monastery. A monastery is also the same as convents & nunneries.
Monastic or nuns life :-
Convents and Nunneries
The life inside nunneries and monasteries in most of the religions is governed by community rules that specify and require them to own little or no personal property.
  • Life inside the different monasteries which are socially separate from the surrounding populace may vary.
  • Mostly the monastic community members spend most of the time isolated even from each other's.
  • Some of the members focus on providing services like teaching, or giving medical care by interacting with the local communities.
  • Some people may be a member of monastic community for few periods ranging from few days to almost for an entire lifetime.
  • Monastic members or nuns may manufacture and sell goods by donations, by rental incomes or by funds from any other organizations within the religion.
Nunneries provide hospitable, hospital and charitable services. They also provide education and encouragement for scholarship and research.
Different levels in the profession of nun:-
A nun has to pass a number of different levels in her profession which are as follows:
  • A nun has to spend as a novice in the first three to five years as soon as she enters a monastery.
  • Next level is rassaphore, where the novice is asked to join the monastery. During her formal service she is given the outer robe and veil to wear and receives a new name.
  • When the nun has reached the level of discipline, humility and dedication after some years, she is passed to the next level called stavrophore.
  • The final stage is the great schema where the nuns reach high level of excellence.

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